*Rolls my eyes for 500 years*

When will these memes stop? When will we as latinas be seen as humans and not as overplayed stereotypes? We don’t exist for your nasty fetishes, and do not try to be slick about throwing another race under the bus, like the last woman said.

"Now and then, your memory
comes floating back to me
the way smoke from a distant fire
floats into an abandoned home
and lingers for a while.
It’s only then that I have to
remind myself that I am still alive,
that memory is dead.
But every now and then
someone wanders into me
only to find traces of you
in the furniture, on the bed,
seeping through the walls;
they search through my windows
hoping to find the source of the fire,
for smoke in the distance,
anything to reassure them
that they are not alone.

I have been told by many
they are drawn to me
by the embers I seem to hold inside,
‘like a forest fire they say;’
‘you glow like a sunrise
through a frosted window.’

But they don’t know
how cold it gets at night,
how much of the dark is spent
setting fire to the trees.

I love(d) you,
and that was enough
to keep me warm through
these winters.

You loved me once,
and now everyone who wanders
inside, stays for the fire."
- Pavana पवन (via maza-dohta)